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FAQ Bump Butter

100% All Natural

Many products say “Natural Ingredients,” “Made with Natural Ingredients,” “99% Natural.” None of these are ALL-NATURAL. Turn the product to the ingredients list and take a look. Often there will be synthetic chemicals contained in the product.

Bumpology’s Bump Butter is 100% ALL-NATURAL. Even the scent. The ingredients list is easy to understand. It is Made in the United States in an FDA Registered facility with strict quality control. It was Formulated by a Physician.

Is Bump Butter only for pregnant women?

The All-Natural ingredients make the product safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, but the Bump Butter is by no means only for those who are pregnant. Anyone can use the product for general skin health, effective skin hydration, and to create a skin glow and shine. Many of our customers are not pregnant and men can use it too.

Where can you use Bump Butter?

You can use Bump Butter anywhere you want to protect and hydrate your skin to help prevent stretch marks. Your butt, boobs, hips, thighs, etc. If you like the skin shine and glow, you can apply it to your chest, arms and legs too. Avoid broken skin. Avoid the eyes.

Is it true that getting stretch marks is genetic and nothing can be done to prevent them?

The cause of stretch marks is multifactorial. There are physical factors such as rapid increases in weight (as occurs in pregnancy), pubertal growth spurts, exercise-induced muscle hypertrophy and surgery. There are skin structure or function factors such as how many fibroblast cells are present and the integrity of elastic fibers in the skin. There are genetic factors. There are hormonal factors such as levels of estrogen, aldosterone, and cortisol.

Improving some of your risk factors such as skin elasticity when faced with increased tension can help decrease the severity of stretch mark formation.

Think of working out to build muscle. Yes, genetics are very important for how much muscle a person can make, but working out and good nutrition will usually help anyone improve. 

Here are some scientific studies related to this topic:

Preliminary study on the development of an antistretch marks water-in-oil cream: ultrasound assessment, texture analysis, and sensory analysis

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